MORCHEM has been awarded by the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha with the COVID SPECIAL COMPANY INVESTMENT AWARD.

On Friday, 10th December, the Covid Special Business Merit Awards were presented at the Teatro de la Paz de Albacete (Theatre of Peace in Albacete) with which the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha wanted to recognise the work of 20 companies of the region during these difficult pandemic times.

MORCHEM was one of the 4 companies awarded in the province of Guadalajara in recognition of its investment capacity and commitment to face the crisis derived from Covid.

The event was presided over by the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, accompanied by the Regional Minister of Economy, Business and Employment, Patricia Franco, the Mayor of Albacete, Emilio Sáez and the President of CECAM, Ángel Nicolás.

We are very grateful for this great recognition.

MORCHEM has been awarded by the CEOE-CEPYME Guadalajara with the prize for TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT, in recognition of the contribution to technological innovation which our plant in Fontanar, Guadalajara represents.

We would like to thank the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Guadalajara (CEOE) for considering us for this important distinction.

Furthermore, this award is a recognition to the Morchem team for their dedication and involvement in this important project.

The prize-giving ceremony is to be held at the Guadalajara Green Events Venue as part of the 2021 Business Excellence Awards on 20th November2021.

28 – 30 September 2021 – Nürnberg, Germany

We were excited to be able to meet our customers again at this year’s Fachpack exhibition. The visits were filled with new ideas, possible developments and constructive feedback on sustainability.

Thanks for visiting our booth!

27 – 29 September 2021 in Las Vegas, NV

Our participation in the 2021 edition of Pack-Expo Las Vegas, has been very successful, receiving a big number of visitors at our booth, where we presented our innovative solutions for the flexible packaging market, with special focus on our sustainable solutions, biodegradable and compostable adhesives, and recyclable technology.

It was very exciting to return to the long-awaited live meetings with our customers always following the hygiene and health measures thus ensuring a safe event.

Since July 2021 MORCHEM has been a new member of the IQS Companies Foundation of Barcelona, supporting with its donation the projects of IQS, which is dedicated to the promotion of university training, research and the relationship between IQS and the business world.
The institutional ceremony took place on 21 September and was attended by Helmut Schaeidt Murga, CEO of MORCHEM and Salvador Borrós, General Director of IQS, among others.

Salvador is heading the global department for client relations at MORCHEM. In the following interview he describes how he, together with his team, managed Covid successfully and what in his opinion the future in client relations may look like.

A very interesting prospective from an expert.


1. How Corona changed client-relations at MORCHEM.

2. How MORCHEM dealt with the situation successfully.

3. The future of client-relations? Offline or Online?

4. Outlook – a personal prospective by Salvador Servera

Watch video at this link:

Cristina Ventayol is Technical Director at MORCHEM. Cristina is convinced that chemistry allows progress. And by using chemical expertise in the right way, chemistry can offer solutions and actually contribute to the environment.

One key-objective of MORCHEM. In the following video-interview she speaks about:

  • The challenges of the chemical industries, also with regard to sustainability and health.
  • Why MORCHEM is an innovator by using its expertise to make a difference, also to the environment.
  • Circular economy and the philosophy of MORCHEM.
  • Last but not least, the role of diversity within MORCHEM.

Find out more in the following interview.



The EU has introduced a mandatory training of diisocyanates workers according to REACH restriction – published in the Official Journal of the European Union in August 2020 and which will become effective in August 2023, providing a transition period of 3 years. This regulation, addressed to industrial and professional uses of diisocyanates introduces new minimum training requirements for workers handling this substance and mixtures containing them.

The European associations ISOPA and ALIPA, strongly committed with this new regulation, are already working together with other industry-associations, such as IVK and FEICA on an online training platform, which will provide different levels of training based on the risk categorizations.

MORCHEM has been included in this Pilot Phase for “Safe use and handling of diisocyanates training”, in accordance with the legal training requirements of this REACH regulation.

The MORCHEM team has finished the full Level 1 training, and we are very proud of being one of the first companies in Europe which has successfully completed this training and received the corresponding certificates.

Our aim is working together for a safe and secure future for the Polyurethane industry.

FONTANAR (Guadalajara), 14th June 2021

On 14th June, the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, inaugurated the new MORCHEM plant in Fontanar.

This event was initially scheduled for 16th March 2020, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 state of alarm situation.

The event was held with a reduced circle of people respecting the allowed capacity limits at the time and was attended by several authorities from Castilla la Mancha: In addition to the President of the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha, we were joined by Ms. Patricia Franco, Councillor of Economy, Business and Employment of the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha, Mr. José Luis Vega Pérez, President of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara and Mr. Víctor San Vidal, Mayor President of the City Council of Fontanar.

The new plant, built in a record time of 16 months on a 30,000 m2 plot, and after an investment of more than 25 million Euros, is focused on the manufacture of high volume polyurethane and polyester adhesives and is one of the most innovative factories in Europe, with fully automated facilities.

Despite the pandemic situation we decided to start up in April 2020. The good coordination and dedication of the teams of Fontanar and Las Franquesas allowed us to successfully start up the new plant little by little.

We would like to thank the regional government of Castilla La Mancha for all the support received for this project, as well as the City Council and the people of Fontanar for their warm welcome and hospitality.