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Sustainability. Our Commitment

Our commitment is to use resources more efficiently to help maintain the quality of life of current and future generations. Our sustainability strategy is based on making processes more efficient and developing products that are more respectful with the environment. Packaging biodegradability  and compostability are some of the challenges for the coming years.

Novel commercial products

Working with 2 product lines

  • Recyclable adhesives
  • Compostable adhesives

Both ensuring that our customers can offer sustainable market solutions.

Raw materials

  • More than 20% of raw materials used are from renewable sources.
  • Near future: Increase percentage by including other raw materials that are currently based on oil chemistry but which already have renewable alternatives, albeit at a much higher cost.

Production process

With the new plant in Guadalajara, we have also reduced the energy impact on the manufacturing processes of our products.

  • Increased efficiency of the energy input for heating and cooling of our processes.
  • Reduced water usage / consumption.
  • Waste reduction in the process through most efficient separation technologies and bulk raw material handling.


Always collaborating with logistic service providers committed
to a sustainable supply chain.