• Start up of new factory in Guadalajara.

    Increase in production capacity and storage.

  • Since 1985

    experts in the production of PU adhesives and coatings.

  • Always first

    in food safety and consumer care

  • Innovative company

    Always geared towards R&D, Quality and Sustainability

Welcome to Morchem. Over 30 years innovating and supplying pu-adhesives for flexible packaging and other lamination technologies.

Our Markets and Solutions

Flexible Packaging

We are as flexible as your needs.

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Textile Lamination

We take care of all your textile lamination requirements.

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Technical Lamination

Photovoltaic, Sailcloth, Electrical Laminates.

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Flat Lamination

Wood decorative and functional panels.

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PU Ink Binders

PU binders for printing inks.

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At Morchem we are proud to be a family enterprise, with the second generation leading the company.



We are an innovative company fully geared towards offering our customers the best products and the most adequate solutions for their applications.

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Our priority commitment is offering a wide range of products and solutions which contribute towards ensuring the best consumer care.

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We strive to meet the increasing demand for high-performance structures offering chemical and thermal resistance alike, with the ultimate aim of extending the life of the end product.

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We are committed to using resources more efficiently to contribute towards enhancing quality of life for current and future generations.

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