Over 30 years

producing lamination adhesives

For over 60 years we represent specialty experience in PU technologies.

At Morchem we are proud to be a family enterprise, with the second generation leading the company.

Our History


Founding of Morchem

Licensed for the manufacturing of adhesives for flexible packaging and the Morton coating system for the Spanish Market.


Opening of a new plant in Les Franqueses del Vallés

Establishment of the new manufacturing plant in Les Franqueses.


Commencement of export activity

Exporting exclusively through Herberts to Europe. Morchem exporting to the rest of the world.


Plant expansion through land acquisition in Les Franqueses del Vallés

Increase in production capacity with new polyester reactor.


Establishment of MORCHEM Central Europe in Germany

Increase in production capacity.


Founding of MORCHEM Inc. in the USA and MORCHEM FZE in the UAE.

Increase in production capacity.


Founding of MORCHEM in China and in India


Start up of new factory in Guadalajara.

Increase in production capacity and storage.


To become a global benchmark in the manufacture of laminating adhesives for highly demanding applications through innovation and service excellence.


To become the best technological partner in our industry.


  • Pursuit of excellence, desire to succeed.
  • Knowledge development.
  • Integrity.
  • Reliability.
  • Long-term approach.
  • Commitment.
  • Passion.
  • Open to change, flexibility.

Technological Partner

We aim to satisfy the needs of customers and maintain close collaboration with suppliers, technological institutes, universities, producers, etc., by presenting ourselves as their technological partner.

For over 30 years, MORCHEM has been creating value. Our commitment is to working with our partners in order to look ahead and not simply solve today’s problems. We want to create products and materials for tomorrow.

Our manufacturing expertise makes us a reliable partner. We work with companies to help them make products that differentiate their brands and win customers.


Morchem is able to offer a consistently highest-quality product thanks to our fully automated production processes and SPC system.

We work continually to improve our production processes, focusing our activities on security and safety for our own employees as well as for our customers. Reducing consumption of energy and materials is a very important part of our environmental commitment.

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