At Morchem we develop, produce and supply a broad range of modifying, film-forming and plasticizing thermoplastic polyurethanes for flexographic and gravure printing applications. Morchem TPU resins are suitable to be used in surface and laminating printing inks, and are designed to fulfill the highly demanding printer requirements of this sophisticated market.

Modifier PU binders

Thermoplastic modifier polyurethane resins are used in combination with NC resins as flexibilizers, plasticizers and adhesion promoters in printing inks to replace phthalates and other restricted substances.

Film-forming PU binders

Elastomeric polyurethane resins are of a high molecular weight and used alone or in combination with small quantities of NC as a base for printing inks.

Our new-generation aliphatic and tin-free elastomeric polyurethanes are successfully used in flexographic and gravure universal laminating ink systems providing specific features such as: direct pigment gridding, excellent adhesion, low odor/solvent retention, no yellowing performance, excellent anti-blocking, heat and water resistance and high solid content.