Bangkok, 14 – 17 June 2023

MORCHEM will be participating at PROPAK together with COMEXI, running lamination live demos with COMEXI solventless fast speed laminator SL2 Evolution using our innovative solvent free adhesive Morchem PL 2606 A + CF 60.

Lamination live demos twice a day: at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm – Don’t miss it!

You will be welcomed by our staff, who will inform you about our recent sustainable innovations for the flexible packaging industry.

Visit us at our stand AG45 in hall 101! We look forward to meeting you!

8 – 14 June 2023

ITMA, the world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition, will take place again between 8th and 14th June at Fiera Milano, in Milan, Italy where the textile and garment community will gather to interchange their experiences, technological advancements and functional solutions.

After the successful participation at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, MORCHEM will be exhibiting again, and we will be glad to invite you to visit our booth # B207 in Hall 5 where you will be welcomed by our staff, who will inform you about our current innovations and share with you the best tips of our knowledge vault about the novel Polyurethane Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives.

We hope to welcome you at our booth and invite you to be part of the integrated Textiles and Garment Manufacturing Value Chain.

We are in the middle of the first true global energy crisis. MORCHEM has evaluated the situation and the risks to which its 2 plants in Spain might be exposed.

Presently, Spain leads EU with most LNG regasification capacity accounting for 32% of the total EU capacity, and receiving liquefied pressurized gas (LPG) from different origins.

Spain’s gross electricity generation comes from renewable sources, followed by nuclear energy and finally gas with only 17,6%. Thus, the gas shortage has less impact on the electricity production in Spain than in the rest of the EU.

MORCHEM, included in the strategic sector during the COVID pandemic, would be given preference to receive energy supply, as it provides essential services for basic social functions.

Raw material supply: MORCHEM has a wide range of approved suppliers in different geographical areas, having sufficient alternatives to assure production in case of EU suppliers should fail due to energy shortages.

2022_MORCHEM Risk Analysis of gas and energy supply shortage.


MORCHEM has completed the installation of 226 solar panels at its Fontanar plant, with the aim of achieving 123 kWp and an annual saving of 170,694 kWh/year, which translates into 10% self-generation.

Hereby, MORCHEM reaffirms its commitment to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Since July 2021 MORCHEM has been a new member of the IQS Companies Foundation of Barcelona, supporting with its donation the projects of IQS, which is dedicated to the promotion of university training, research and the relationship between IQS and the business world.
The institutional ceremony took place on 21 September and was attended by Helmut Schaeidt Murga, CEO of MORCHEM and Salvador Borrós, General Director of IQS, among others.

Salvador is heading the global department for client relations at MORCHEM. In the following interview he describes how he, together with his team, managed Covid successfully and what in his opinion the future in client relations may look like.

A very interesting prospective from an expert.


1. How Corona changed client-relations at MORCHEM.

2. How MORCHEM dealt with the situation successfully.

3. The future of client-relations? Offline or Online?

4. Outlook – a personal prospective by Salvador Servera

Watch video at this link:

FONTANAR (Guadalajara), 14th June 2021

On 14th June, the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, inaugurated the new MORCHEM plant in Fontanar.

This event was initially scheduled for 16th March 2020, but had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 state of alarm situation.

The event was held with a reduced circle of people respecting the allowed capacity limits at the time and was attended by several authorities from Castilla la Mancha: In addition to the President of the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha, we were joined by Ms. Patricia Franco, Councillor of Economy, Business and Employment of the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha, Mr. José Luis Vega Pérez, President of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara and Mr. Víctor San Vidal, Mayor President of the City Council of Fontanar.

The new plant, built in a record time of 16 months on a 30,000 m2 plot, and after an investment of more than 25 million Euros, is focused on the manufacture of high volume polyurethane and polyester adhesives and is one of the most innovative factories in Europe, with fully automated facilities.

Despite the pandemic situation we decided to start up in April 2020. The good coordination and dedication of the teams of Fontanar and Las Franquesas allowed us to successfully start up the new plant little by little.

We would like to thank the regional government of Castilla La Mancha for all the support received for this project, as well as the City Council and the people of Fontanar for their warm welcome and hospitality.


Once again, being Morchem at the forefront in Food Safety, our new development Morchem XPS 2472 A + CS-952 was tested at Bobst Italia’s Competence Center using BOBST VISION CL 850 laminating machine with flexo trolley. Triplex structure PETp/Alu/cPP was successfully laminated at 400 m/min delivering excellent wettability, high green tack and perfect optical appearance as well as very low residual solvent at the given speed.

Morchem XPS 2472 A + CS-952 is a high performance Epoxy Silane free aliphatic adhesive designed for retortable aluminium structures. Morchem XPS 2472 is a modular system being also available with Morchem CS-903 addressed to all those applications requiring high chemical resistance without retort processes involved.

Morchem XPS 2472 is part of a complete Epoxy Silane Free product range covering with several grades the most demanding applications: BoV, PET Food, etc.

We would like to thank BOBST for their cooperation during our visit at their Competence Centre in San Giorgio Monferrato.

Please contact us at

1 October, 2019 in Quito / 2 October, 2019 in Guayaquil

MORCHEM has cooperated in organizing the 1st International Converting Seminar in Ecuador, in which a series of presentations have been given about the novelties of the flexible packaging sector.

Our presentation “Innovative Technology in Laminating Adhesives”, had a very positive impact on the audience of the two sessions held in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

Very proud of the great participation success and the perfect organization of the event, we would like to thank all attendees for the interest shown.

Many thanks!

At Morchem we are very happy about the outcome of the show. We have to be grateful for the great influx of visitors, be it customers, partners or collleagues of the Flexpack industry.

We were fortunate to register visits from more than 14 countries, both from Asia and worldwide, with which we were able to discuss and search for new opportunities in the various market trends:

  • Lamination of metallized and alluminium films with solventless adhesives at high speeds
  • High performnace packaging: sterilisation, pharmaceutical, medical….
  • Sustainability: recycling and circular economy

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discover more about these or other aspects of the flexible packaging industry!