Nowadays the flexible packaging industry is facing enormous challenges. Not only plastics are in the eye of the hurricane, but all which is linked to its conversion, from inks to adhesives and coatings.

Certainly, the pressure on Solvent reduction has put stress on the adhesive manufacturers in order to achieve the highest performances, which were, until not long time ago, a niche for the solvent based adhesives.

Not only this, but the most complex question comes with the goal to produce a triplex structure in just one pass. Today, multilayer structures are worldwide spread and the majority of them are produced in Solventbased + solventless adhesives, if not Solventbased + Solventbased. The reason for that is that, as the solventless adhesives have really no high green tack, the initial two layers might glide one against the other while transporting them through the machine and prior to process the second lamination step plus rewinding.

It is for this reason that MORCHEM, one of the worldwide leaders in polyurethane adhesives, and in collaboration with COMEXI, has successfully homologated their SOLVENT FREE ADHESIVE MORCHEM PL 272 A + CF 74 in a triplex LAMINATING Machine in-line.

The adhesive used was the Morchem PL 272 A + CF-74 is a fast PAA decay solvent free laminating adhesive, specially designed to cover high demanding laminates, such us PET/ALU/Pe, nylon structures, and coated films.

The triplex structure was consisting of a printed PET 12 microns / ALU 7 microns / PE 50 microns, which was laminated at the outstanding speed of 400 m/min, delivering excellent wettability and perfect optical appearance.

These impressive results welcome the use of in-line solvent free triplex lamination, delivering a cost-effective alternative to a market segment which is currently dominated by solvent based adhesives.

From MORCHEM we would like to thank Comexi for their cooperation during this homologation; we are highly impressed about the outstanding features that this triplex line was offering, from an ultraprecise tension control up to a high class turret rewinder, with a unique pressure control system on the web that implies a zero sparkling effect with the smoothest result. Moreover, with their unique Cloud 4.0 platform we were able to monitor all the different trials with absolutely all the parameters set in each of them, which has been proved extremely useful for our internal reports and analysis.

Further information on this and other Morchem products contacting us at or +34 93 840 57 02

We invite you to visit our booth during Interpack 2020.

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