Morchem supporting HP Indigo Digital Printing Technology for High Performance Applications

One of the most prevalent trends over the past five to eight years is declining run lengths in print. Printers and converters have to serve the customer and meet their specific requirements. For fast turnaround of a short print run digital printing would be the suitable technology to use.

One of the key advantages of digital printing is the accuracy of the proofing it allows. Extremely detailed samples can be made of a print job quickly and cost effectively, enabling you to hold a sample in your hands which will be exactly recreated in the final print run.

Morchem has been working on adhesives that show compatibility with HP Indigo  digital technology offering extremely good optical appearance as well as bond strength values. Nowadays, Morchem can offer Solvent based Morchem PS 225 A + CS-32, Solvent Free Morchem PL 272 A + CF-74 and Water base technology Morchem PW 720 A + CA-50 for digital printing.

In addition to this, and as a result of a fruitful collaboration, Morchem has also validated a High Performance SB adhesive, Morchem PS 246 A + CS-95 for the use with HP Indigo digital press combined with Pack Ready coating for retort pouch. Morchem PS 246 A + CS-95 fulfills FDA 177.1390.

This highlights Morchem’s commitment to develop high performance adhesives for the most demanding applications ensuring the best consumer care.

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