The EU has introduced a mandatory training of diisocyanates workers according to REACH restriction – published in the Official Journal of the European Union in August 2020 and which will become effective in August 2023, providing a transition period of 3 years. This regulation, addressed to industrial and professional uses of diisocyanates introduces new minimum training requirements for workers handling this substance and mixtures containing them.

The European associations ISOPA and ALIPA, strongly committed with this new regulation, are already working together with other industry-associations, such as IVK and FEICA on an online training platform, which will provide different levels of training based on the risk categorizations.

MORCHEM has been included in this Pilot Phase for “Safe use and handling of diisocyanates training”, in accordance with the legal training requirements of this REACH regulation.

The MORCHEM team has finished the full Level 1 training, and we are very proud of being one of the first companies in Europe which has successfully completed this training and received the corresponding certificates.

Our aim is working together for a safe and secure future for the Polyurethane industry.

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