Hereafter you will find an interview with our CEO, Helmut Schaeidt Murga.

MORCHEM is one of the leading manufacturers for sustainable and compostable PU-adhesives. DIN certified. And one year ago we also opened a new production plant near Madrid, which is one of the most innovative factories of PU-based adhesives in Europe.

In this video Helmut Schaeidt Murga will talk about:

  • Current situation and future plans of MORCHEM (Min. 00:30)
  • Product portfolio MORCHEM (04:37)
  • New production-plant in Madrid (07:00)
  • Global organization of MORCHEM (07:45)
  • How MORCHEM is successful, despite Corona (08:55)
  • Sustainability at MORCHEM (12:40)
  • Upcoming innovations and services at MORCHEM (15:07)
  • MORCHEM Philosophy (18:25)

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