Participants at the MKVS-Symposium which took place beginning last week in Munich, Germany, were able to share knowledge and know-how, but also finally get back to face-to-face meetings.

Interesting conferences delivered information from latest machinery and processing innovations to novelty reactive hotmelt technologies as presented by our Technical Director Cristina Ventayol together with Albert Chicote from COMEXI.

The symposium was all in all a most rewarding event and we want to thank the MKVS-Team for the great organisation.

The Westin Grand Hotel München, 17 – 19 October

We are happy to announce that MORCHEM will be speaking at the MKVS-Symposium this year. Mrs. Cristina Ventayol, Technical Director at MORCHEM and Mr. Albert Chicote, Business Unit Director of Coatings & Lamination at COMEXI, will be sharing in their presentation all the best tips from their knowledge vault about “Novel Polyurethane Reactive Hotmelt Adhesive Technology for High-Speed Lamination”.

At MORCHEM’s table top we will be able to discuss our latest innovations on laminating adhesives and polyurethane reactive hotmelts, as well as emerging trends and common concerns.

We look forward to meeting you there!


Frankfurt, 21 – 24 June 2022

MORCHEM will be back again on this important live event for the textile industry to present its extensive product portfolio of textile lamination adhesives.

For applications from medical to automotive, intimate apparel to outdoor wear, home furnishings to industrial abrasives.

We look forward to welcoming you at TECHTEXTIL 2022: Hall 11.0, booth C23.

Hereafter you will find an interview with our CEO, Helmut Schaeidt Murga.

MORCHEM is one of the leading manufacturers for sustainable and compostable PU-adhesives. DIN certified. And one year ago we also opened a new production plant near Madrid, which is one of the most innovative factories of PU-based adhesives in Europe.

In this video Helmut Schaeidt Murga will talk about:

  • Current situation and future plans of MORCHEM (Min. 00:30)
  • Product portfolio MORCHEM (04:37)
  • New production-plant in Madrid (07:00)
  • Global organization of MORCHEM (07:45)
  • How MORCHEM is successful, despite Corona (08:55)
  • Sustainability at MORCHEM (12:40)
  • Upcoming innovations and services at MORCHEM (15:07)
  • MORCHEM Philosophy (18:25)


In line with its environmental protection policy, MORCHEM has started in its plant in Fontanar a newly installed Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), one of today’s most advanced air pollution control technologies across industry.

This process unit is designed to treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) via thermal oxidation at very high temperature and release a clean air flow into the atmosphere.

At the same time part of the combustion energy is recovered improving the energy efficiency of the system. Environmental protection is one of the pillars of MORCHEM’s sustainability strategy.

Ein wichtiger Schritt zur Unterstützung unserer Kundenbedürfnisse

MORCHEM freut sich, die Eröffnung ihres neuen Applikationslabors in München, einem strategischen Standort in Mitteleuropa, bekannt zu geben.

Zusammen mit dem Applikationslabor in Les Franqueses (Spanien) hat sich die operative Laborkapazität deutlich erhöht und kann somit den Bedürfnissen ihrer Kunden besser nachkommen.

Als sehr kundenorientiertes Unternehmen arbeitet MORCHEM im Gleichschritt mit den Anforderungen des Marktes und bietet ihre Dienstleistungen für neue Anwendungen und kundenorientierte Mehrwertlösungen an.

Das neue Labor ist mit modernsten Geräten ausgestattet und bietet weitreichende Möglichkeiten und Testlösungen um, als echter Partner, die besten Ergebnisse zu gewährleisten. Gleichzeitig kann unser hochqualifiziertes technisches Service-Team Sie auch vor Ort unterstützen, um ein erfolgreiches Scale-up zu ermöglichen. 



The new Morchem PL 277 A plus CF 746 has been tested at Bobst Italia’s Competence Center in the new BOBST NOVA SX 550 laminating machine.

Duplex structure Printed Polyester with Polyethylene EVOH-PE successfully laminated at more than 350 metres per minute delivering excellent wettability and perfect optical appearance with no bubble formation at the given speed.

Morchem PL 277 A plus CF 746 is a fast curing and fast PAA decay solvent free laminating adhesive especially designed to cover the high demanding market of double barrier films like Printed Polyester with Polyethylene EVOH-PE or Nylon-EVOH-PE and Printed Polyester with Aluminium.

We would like to thank BOBST for their cooperation during our visit at their Competence Center in San Giorgio Monferrato.

Please contact us at in case additional information is required.


The new factory is focused on high volume polyurethane and polyester batches incorporating highest process and control automation in line with industry 4.0.

In record time, MORCHEM has set up its new production plant only 16 months after the laying of the foundation stone and will start production by end of April.

The company has made a powerful economic investment of more than 25 million Euros to respond to its strategy of growth and innovation.

The new MORCHEM plant is located on a 30,000 sqm plot and is the most innovative Polyurethane and Polyester production plant in Europe, including state-of-the-art installations and facilities such as:

  • Production tower incorporating fully automated lines according to the industry 4.0 concept
  • R&D Lab / Quality Lab / Application Lab
  • Warehousing: For safety and efficient storage
  • Production back up for all MORCHEM locations
  • IT back-up for all MORCHEM locations
  • According to most strict environmental protection
  • Highest safety for the team and the installations: Most advanced fire protection system

The factory is very innovative and has been designed and built applying the latest knowledge of production technology, with fully automated facilities, prioritizing process and personnel safety, environmental protection, product quality and process efficie

With the new factory we want to improve further our support to our customers and even to try to get ahead of their needs.

On 13th and 14th February, the 18th Inno-Meeting took place in Osnabrück. The conference theme this time was “Handeln” = “Take action” in the sense of reorientation.

With this in mind, our colleague, Erwin Jochim (Global KAM Morchem), held his presentation on the topic of “Continuous Challenges for Laminating Adhesives in Use for Flexible Packaging”. The first part of the presentation focused in particular on the security that adhesives have gained in recent years, always putting “Consumer Care and Safety” above everything with the latest launch of our epoxy silane free adhesives.

The second part focused on highlighting MORCHEM’s position towards laminating adhesives in terms of sustainability. Here MORCHEM can be proud to present its very recent development of a recyclable adhesive for standard packaging laminates such as PET/Alu/PE, OPA/PE, PET/PE which can be “delaminated” and films separated after use by using our own technology called MORCYCLING. Thus, plastic films and aluminium foils can be separated, recovered and reused.

As always, the meeting met our expectations in terms of content and procedure and was well attended by experts from the flexible packaging industry.