The new factory is focused on high volume polyurethane and polyester batches incorporating highest process and control automation in line with industry 4.0.

In record time, MORCHEM has set up its new production plant only 16 months after the laying of the foundation stone and will start production by end of April.

The company has made a powerful economic investment of more than 25 million Euros to respond to its strategy of growth and innovation.

The new MORCHEM plant is located on a 30,000 sqm plot and is the most innovative Polyurethane and Polyester production plant in Europe, including state-of-the-art installations and facilities such as:

  • Production tower incorporating fully automated lines according to the industry 4.0 concept
  • R&D Lab / Quality Lab / Application Lab
  • Warehousing: For safety and efficient storage
  • Production back up for all MORCHEM locations
  • IT back-up for all MORCHEM locations
  • According to most strict environmental protection
  • Highest safety for the team and the installations: Most advanced fire protection system

The factory is very innovative and has been designed and built applying the latest knowledge of production technology, with fully automated facilities, prioritizing process and personnel safety, environmental protection, product quality and process efficie

With the new factory we want to improve further our support to our customers and even to try to get ahead of their needs.

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