The new Morchem PL 277 A plus CF 746 has been tested at Bobst Italia’s Competence Center in the new BOBST NOVA SX 550 laminating machine.

Duplex structure Printed Polyester with Polyethylene EVOH-PE successfully laminated at more than 350 metres per minute delivering excellent wettability and perfect optical appearance with no bubble formation at the given speed.

Morchem PL 277 A plus CF 746 is a fast curing and fast PAA decay solvent free laminating adhesive especially designed to cover the high demanding market of double barrier films like Printed Polyester with Polyethylene EVOH-PE or Nylon-EVOH-PE and Printed Polyester with Aluminium.

We would like to thank BOBST for their cooperation during our visit at their Competence Center in San Giorgio Monferrato.

Please contact us at in case additional information is required.


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