Nowadays the flexible packaging industry is facing enormous challenges. Not only plastics are in the eye of the hurricane, but all which is linked to its conversion, from inks to adhesives and coatings.

Certainly, the pressure on Solvent reduction has put stress on the adhesive manufacturers in order to achieve the highest performances, which were, until not long time ago, a niche for the solvent based adhesives.

Not only this, but the most complex question comes with the goal to produce a triplex structure in just one pass. Today, multilayer structures are worldwide spread and the majority of them are produced in Solventbased + solventless adhesives, if not Solventbased + Solventbased. The reason for that is that, as the solventless adhesives have really no high green tack, the initial two layers might glide one against the other while transporting them through the machine and prior to process the second lamination step plus rewinding.

It is for this reason that MORCHEM, one of the worldwide leaders in polyurethane adhesives, and in collaboration with COMEXI, has successfully homologated their SOLVENT FREE ADHESIVE MORCHEM PL 272 A + CF 74 in a triplex LAMINATING Machine in-line.

The adhesive used was the Morchem PL 272 A + CF-74 is a fast PAA decay solvent free laminating adhesive, specially designed to cover high demanding laminates, such us PET/ALU/Pe, nylon structures, and coated films.

The triplex structure was consisting of a printed PET 12 microns / ALU 7 microns / PE 50 microns, which was laminated at the outstanding speed of 400 m/min, delivering excellent wettability and perfect optical appearance.

These impressive results welcome the use of in-line solvent free triplex lamination, delivering a cost-effective alternative to a market segment which is currently dominated by solvent based adhesives.

From MORCHEM we would like to thank Comexi for their cooperation during this homologation; we are highly impressed about the outstanding features that this triplex line was offering, from an ultraprecise tension control up to a high class turret rewinder, with a unique pressure control system on the web that implies a zero sparkling effect with the smoothest result. Moreover, with their unique Cloud 4.0 platform we were able to monitor all the different trials with absolutely all the parameters set in each of them, which has been proved extremely useful for our internal reports and analysis.

Further information on this and other Morchem products contacting us at or +34 93 840 57 02

We invite you to visit our booth during Interpack 2020.

Nürnberg, 23 – 25 September 2019

This year’s exhibition was totally focused on eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainability and environmentalism were the current topics on everybody’s lips. At our stand we could discuss the views and opinions of professionals who join Morchem in the search of synergies to achieve optimum results.

Thank you to all our visitors! It is always a pleasure sharing the latest technological novelties with you!


Fachpack, the European Trade Fair for Packaging, Processing and Technology, will be opening its doors soon and MORCHEM will be present again to share with you experiences, tendencies, innovations and concerns.

Hold the date! We look forward to your visit at our stand!

MORCHEM konzentriert sich erneut auf einen der Märkte mit dem weltweit höchsten Wachstumspotenzial: CHINA

MORCHEM Shanghai wird wieder als Aussteller auf der CHINAPLAS vertreten sein und seine neuesten Innovationen für flexible Verpackungen vorstellen, wie zum Beispiel:

– Klebstoffe für Retorten-Anwendungen, die den weltweiten Lebensmittelvorschriften entsprechen

– Lösemittelfreie Klebstoffe für komplexe Hochbarriere-Strukturen wie:

—>  PETprinted // ALU und PETprinted // metPET

– Lösemittelfreie Klebstoffe für Hochbarriere-Strukturen bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten

Und vieles mehr…

Wir freuen uns, Sie an unserem Stand Nr. 11.3M01 begrüßen zu dürfen






As a further step forward on the route towards globalization which started with the foundation of daughter companies in Germany, the US, UAE, China and India, MORCHEM has become member of this important association in the US to benefit from the broad range of member programs which connect, advances and leads the industry through research, promotion, protection and networking.

The Flexible Packaging Association is the US Association of the manufacturers of flexible packaging and material or equipment suppliers to the industry. Flexible packaging is produced from paper, plastic, film aluminum foil, or any combination of these materials, and includes bags, pouches, labels, liners, wraps, rollstock and other flexible packaging products.

4 – 5 September, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, India

We are pleased to announce that MORCHEM is Gold Partner at this year’s Specialty Films & Flexible Packaging Global Summit, taking place on 4th – 5th September in Mumbai.

This important event, dedicated to the largest converting segment of the polymer processing industry in India, brings together key professionals from over 25 countries and provides an unmatched platform to interact with key decision makers as well as networking opportunities with the representatives of the flexible packaging value chain.

MORCHEM looks forward to meeting you in September at the Grand Hyatt Mumbai.

         Barcelona, 8 – 11 May 2018

The Hispack packaging trade show –marked by digitalization and sustainability – closes a successful edition with almost 40.000 visitors.

Moreover, the Hispack Challenge space achieved its goal of defying the challenges of packaging with the help of sector experts and all the participants at the sessions.

MORCHEM, together with DUCPLAST, DULCESOL, QUIMOVIL and COMEXI, participated at the conferences promoted by AIMPLAS and GRAPHISPACK. Represented by Javier Gutiérrez and Antoni Segovia, with a presentation titled “Challenge: Elimination of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in lamination”, they showcased new solutions for a more sustainable, digitalized and efficient packaging industry.

Once again, MORCHEM’s attendance at the exhibition confirmed the sector’s high interest in new solutions for more sustainable and high value-added adhesives.

All in all it was a great success with high quality visitors.


One more year, MORCHEM has participated at AMI’s 5th Asia-Pacific International Conference on markets and technology of flexible packaging., represented by our Business Managers of India, MEA+SEA, Central Europe and our R&D Director from Spain.

The aim of the conference is to bring together professionals and experts working in the flexible packaging industry across the Asia-Pacific region in order to discuss and share key issues and future trends in packaging performance, processability and sustainability.

And exactly that was the topic approached by our speaker, Mr. Juan Sanchez, Business Manager of our offices in Dubai and responsible for the MEA and SEA region, with his presentation about “FUTURE TRENDS IN FLEXIBLE PACKAGING.

In addition, our table-top in the conference hall offered comprehensive information about our product portfolio.

All in all, the conference was very productive and a great participation success with over 115 representatives from around 25 countries.









A very positive experience

Last 7th March, the IQS School of Engineering organized in Barcelona for the 12th consecutive year, the IQS Enterprise Forum, inviting enterprises from different industrial sectors and activities, with the participation of companies such as DOW, HENKEL, BASF, COVESTRO, GRIFOLS, etc.

MORCHEM, represented by our HR Department, participated actively at the forum, with the purpose to bring our company closer to last grade or master level students of Chemical Engineering and present the professional profiles we are looking for.

The enterprises, a part from table tops offering information about their companies, were able to participate in round tables to discuss the different strategies used for attracting talents.

In general, the experience was very positive and we could give IQS students visibility for MORCHEM and provide them direct contact to our company.